Get API access to information on our web site Data can be requested using REST API calls and will be returned in JSON format.

API reference in OpenAPI 3.0 (OAS 3.0) format available from here:




  • Current and future data
  • 30-days renewable authorisation key
  • 10,000 calls per month
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£20 / month

  • Access to historical data
  • 10 unlimited authorisation keys
  • Live stream and tickets links
  • Geospatial data
  • 100,000 calls per month
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  • Access to all data
  • Full data set download
  • Unlimited calls per month
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Basic Standard Premium
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Price per month Free £20 Contact us
Access to current and future data
Includes last week's, current and future events
Access to historical data
Includes past events going back to year 2012
Authorisation keys
Maximum number of active authorisation keys
1 10 Unlimited
Authorisation key validity period
* Validity period can be extended any time from API Settings page
30 days* Unlimited Unlimited
Request limit
Maximum number of API calls per month
10,000 100,000 Unlimited
Response limit
Maximum number of items returned per single API call
* Use 'page' parameter to get additional items
10 100 1,000
Visual media
Get links to event logos, emoji icons and country flags
Free-text search
Search events using free-text filter
Geospatial data
Get latitude and longitude coordinates of event location cities
Event live stream data
Get links to event live streaming services (where available)
Event tickets information links
Get links to tickets information web sites (where available)
Support options Email only Email and phone Email and phone
100% uptime guarantee
Full data set download
Download full data set on demand in CSV or alternative format
Integration assistance
We can provide help on integration projects using AllSportDB API data
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