Beach Soccer

Season Summer


  Competitions Age, Gender, Continent 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Links and Twitter Tag(s)
Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup Senior Men World
66 Dubai @BeachSoccer_WW #beachsoccer
Euro Beach Soccer Cup Women Senior Women Europe @BeachSoccer_WW
Euro Beach Soccer League Senior Men Europe @BeachSoccer_WW
FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Senior Men World
401 TBA @FIFAcom #beachsoccer @BeachSoccer_WW


  Year Competition Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2018 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates - Dubai
2018.12.01 2018.12.01 @BeachSoccer_WW #beachsoccer 66
2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup TBA TBA - TBA
2019.11.01 2019.11.01 @FIFAcom #beachsoccer @BeachSoccer_WW 401