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Modern Pentathlon

Season Summer


  Competitions Age, Gender, Continent 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Links and Twitter Tag(s)
Modern Pentathlon European Championships Senior Mixed Europe
15 Bath @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon Junior European Championships U22 Mixed Europe @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon Junior World Championships U21 Mixed World @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon World Championships Senior Mixed World
42 Budapest #PentaSWCH @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon World Cup Senior Mixed World @TheUIPM #UIPMWorldCup #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon Youth European Championships U17 Mixed Europe @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Modern Pentathlon Youth World Championships U19 Mixed World @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
Summer Olympic Games Senior Mixed Olympic
368 Tokyo


  Year Competition Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2019 Modern Pentathlon Youth World Championships Bulgaria Bulgaria - Sofia
7/18/2019 7/24/2019 @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon
2019 Modern Pentathlon European Championships United Kingdom United Kingdom - Bath
8/6/2019 8/11/2019 @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon 15
2019 Modern Pentathlon World Championships Hungary Hungary - Budapest
9/2/2019 9/9/2019 #PentaSWCH @TheUIPM #ModernPentathlon 42
2020 Summer Olympic Games Japan Japan - Tokyo
7/24/2020 8/9/2020 368 2020 Summer Olympic Games