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UCI Cycling Women's World Tour

Sport Cycling URL
Age Group Senior Calendar URL
Gender Women Facebook URL
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  Year Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2019 Giro d'Italia Internazionale Femminile Italy Italy - Carate Brianza
Italy Italy - Cassano Spinola
Italy Italy - Castellania
Italy Italy - Chiuro
Italy Italy - Chiusaforte
Italy Italy - Cornedo Vicentino
Italy Italy - Gemona
Italy Italy - Lissone
Italy Italy - Maniago
Italy Italy - Piedicavallo
Italy Italy - Ponte in Valtellina
Italy Italy - Sagliano Micca
Italy Italy - San Giorgio di Perlena
Italy Italy - San Vito al Tagliamento
Italy Italy - Teglio
Italy Italy - Udine
Italy Italy - Valfurva
Italy Italy - Vittorio Veneto
Italy Italy - Viù
7/5/2019 7/14/2019 @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT @GiroRosaCycling #GiroRosa 9
2019 La Course by Le Tour de France France France - Paris
7/23/2019 7/23/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 27
2019 Vargarda West Sweden TTT Sweden Sweden - Vårgårda
8/16/2019 8/16/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 51
2019 Vargarda West Sweden RR Sweden Sweden - Vårgårda
8/18/2019 8/18/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 53
2019 Ladies Tour of Norway Norway Norway - TBA
8/22/2019 8/25/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 57
2019 GP de Plouay - Lorient Agglomération France France - Plouay
8/31/2019 8/31/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 66
2019 RideLondon Classique United Kingdom United Kingdom - London
9/3/2019 9/3/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 69
2019 Boels Ladies Tour Netherlands Netherlands - TBA
9/3/2019 9/8/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 69
2019 Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta Spain Spain - Madrid
9/14/2019 9/15/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 80
2019 Tour of Guangxi China China - TBA
10/20/2019 10/20/2019's_World_Tour @UCI_cycling @UCIWomenCycling @UCI_WWT #UCIWWT 116