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Season Summer


  Competitions Age, Gender, Continent 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Links and Twitter Tag(s)
Diving World Cup Senior Mixed World @fina1908 #DivingWorldCup
European Aquatics Championships Senior Mixed Europe
293 Budapest @LENaquatics
European Diving Championships Senior Mixed Europe
13 Kiev @LENaquatics
European Junior Diving Championships U18 Mixed Europe @LENaquatics
FINA Diving Grand Prix Senior Mixed World
108 Gold Coast City
115 Kuala Lumpur
122 Singapore @fina1908 #DivingGrandPrix #FINADiving
FINA Diving World Series Senior Mixed World @fina1908 #DivingWorldSeries #FINADiving
FINA World Junior Diving Championships U20 Mixed World @fina1908
Summer Olympic Games Senior Mixed Olympic
367 Tokyo
World Aquatics Championships Senior Mixed World
Gwangju High @fina1908


  Year Competition Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2019 High World Aquatics Championships South Korea South Korea - Gwangju
7/22/2019 7/24/2019 @fina1908 #Gwangju2019 @Gwangju2019_ 2019 World Aquatics Championships
2019 European Diving Championships Ukraine Ukraine - Kiev
8/5/2019 8/11/2019 @LENaquatics 13
2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix Australia Australia - Gold Coast City
11/8/2019 11/11/2019 @fina1908 #DivingGrandPrix #FINADiving 108
2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix Malaysia Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
11/15/2019 11/17/2019 @fina1908 #DivingGrandPrix #FINADiving 115
2019 FINA Diving Grand Prix Singapore Singapore - Singapore
11/22/2019 11/24/2019 @fina1908 #DivingGrandPrix #FINADiving 122
2020 European Aquatics Championships Hungary Hungary - Budapest
5/11/2020 5/24/2020 @LENaquatics 293 2020 European Aquatics Championships
2020 Summer Olympic Games Japan Japan - Tokyo
7/24/2020 8/9/2020 367 2020 Summer Olympic Games