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Season Summer


  Competitions Age, Gender, Continent 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Links and Twitter Tag(s)
Euroleague Basketball Final Four Senior Men Europe
253 Belgrade @Euroleague
FIBA AfroBasket Senior Men Africa
18 Dakar Tunis @FIBA #AfroBasket
FIBA AfroBasket Women Senior Women Africa
Bamako @FIBA #FIBAAfrica #AfroBasketWomen
FIBA Asia Women's Basketball Championship Senior Women Asia #FIBAAsia @FIBA
FIBA Basketball AmeriCup Senior Men America
4 Córdoba +1 Medellin Montevideo @FIBA #fibaamericas #AmeriCup
FIBA Basketball Asia Cup Senior Men Asia #FIBAAsia @FIBA
FIBA Basketball World Cup Senior Men World
740 Beijing +7 @FIBA #FIBAWC
FIBA EuroBasket Senior Men Europe
10 Helsinki Tel Aviv Cluj-Napoca Istanbul @FIBA #FIBAEurope #EuroBasket
FIBA EuroBasket Women Senior Women Europe @FIBA #FIBAEurope #EuroBasketWomen
FIBA Oceania Basketball Championship Senior Men Oceania @FIBA #FIBAOceania
FIBA Oceania Women's Basketball Championship Senior Women Oceania @FIBA #FIBAOceania
FIBA U16 European Basketball Championship U16 Men Europe @FIBA #FIBAU16Europe
FIBA U16 Women's European Basketball Championship U16 Women Europe
Skopje Division B @FIBA #FIBAU16Europe
FIBA U17 Women's World Basketball Championship U17 Women World
334 Minsk @FIBA #FIBAU17 #FIBAU17Women
FIBA U17 World Basketball Championship U17 Men World
313 Rosario +1 @FIBA #FIBAU17
FIBA U18 European Basketball Championship U18 Men Europe @FIBA #FIBAU18Europe
FIBA U18 Women's European Basketball Championship U18 Women Europe @FIBA #FIBAU18Europe
FIBA U19 Women's World Basketball Championship U19 Women World @FIBA #FIBAU19 #FIBAU19Women
FIBA U19 World Basketball Championship U19 Men World @FIBA #FIBAU19
FIBA U20 European Basketball Championship U20 Men Europe @FIBA #FIBAU20Europe
FIBA U20 Women's European Basketball Championship U20 Women Europe @FIBA #FIBAU20Europe
FIBA Women's Basketball AmeriCup Senior Women America @FIBA #fibaamericas
FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup Senior Women World
Summer Olympic Games Senior Mixed Olympic
1068 Tokyo


  Year Competition Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2017 Division B FIBA U16 Women's European Basketball Championship Macedonia Macedonia - Skopje
2017.08.17 2017.08.26 @FIBA #FIBAU16Europe
2017 FIBA AfroBasket Women Mali Mali - Bamako
2017.08.18 2017.08.27 @FIBA #FIBAAfrica #AfroBasketWomen #AfroBasketWomen2017
2017 FIBA Basketball AmeriCup Argentina Argentina - Bahia Blanca
Argentina Argentina - Córdoba
Colombia Colombia - Medellin
Uruguay Uruguay - Montevideo
2017.08.25 2017.09.03 @FIBA #fibaamericas #AmeriCup #AmeriCup2017 4
2017 FIBA EuroBasket Finland Finland - Helsinki
Israel Israel - Tel Aviv
Romania Romania - Cluj-Napoca
Turkey Turkey - Istanbul
2017.08.31 2017.09.17 @FIBA #FIBAEurope #EuroBasket #EuroBasket2017 10
2017 FIBA AfroBasket Senegal Senegal - Dakar
Tunisia Tunisia - Tunis
2017.09.08 2017.09.16 @FIBA #AfroBasket #AfroBasket2017 18
2018 Euroleague Basketball Final Four Serbia Serbia - Belgrade
2018.05.01 2018.05.01 @Euroleague 253
2018 FIBA U17 World Basketball Championship Argentina Argentina - Rosario
Argentina Argentina - Santa Fe
2018.06.30 2018.07.08 @FIBA #FIBAU17 313
2018 FIBA U17 Women's World Basketball Championship Belarus Belarus - Minsk
2018.07.21 2018.07.29’s_Basketball_World_Cup @FIBA #FIBAU17 #FIBAU17Women 334
2018 FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup Spain Spain - TBA
2018.09.22 2018.09.30 @FIBA 397
2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup China China - Beijing
China China - Dongguan
China China - Foshan
China China - Guangzhou
China China - Nanjing
China China - Shanghai
China China - Shenzhen
China China - Wuhan
2019.08.31 2019.09.15 @FIBA #FIBAWC 740
2020 Summer Olympic Games Japan Japan - Tokyo
2020.07.24 2020.08.09 1068 Tokyo 2020