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  Competitions Age, Gender, Continent 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Links and Twitter Tag(s)
24 Hours of Le Mans Senior Mixed World
207 Le Mans @24hoursoflemans #LEMANS24 @24heuresdumans
Dakar Rally Senior Mixed World
47 Riyadh +1 @dakar
DTM Senior Mixed World @dtm
F1 Powerboat World Championship Senior Mixed World
32 Sharjah #F1H2O @F1_H2O
Formula 1 Senior Mixed World
10 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Grand Prix #F1 @f1 #Formula1
Formula E Senior Mixed World
3 Riyadh Ad Diriyah ePrix
60 Santiago Santiago ePrix
88 Mexico City Mexico City ePrix
102 Marrakesh Marrakesh ePrix
123 Sanya Sanya ePrix
137 Rome Rome ePrix
151 Paris Paris ePrix
166 Seoul Seoul ePrix
200 Jakarta Jakarta ePrix
215 Berlin Berlin ePrix
235 New York New York City ePrix
249 London London ePrix #FormulaE @FIAformulaE
IndyCar Senior Mixed World @IndyCar
Moto GP Senior Mixed World @MotoGP
NASCAR Senior Mixed World @NASCAR
Red Bull Air Race World Championship Senior Mixed World @RedBullAirRace
Speedway European Championship Senior Mixed Europe @SpeedwayEuro
Speedway Grand Prix Senior Men World @SpeedwayGP
Speedway Of Nations World Championship Senior Men World #MonsterEnergySON @SpeedwayGP
Superbike World Championship Senior Mixed World #SBK @WorldSBK
World Rally Championship Senior Mixed World #WRC @OfficialWRC
World Touring Car Cup Senior Mixed World
26 Sepang Race of Malaysia #WTCR @FIA_WTCR


  Year Competition Location Date From Date To Links Days Left Games
2019 Ad Diriyah ePrix Formula E Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
11/22/2019 11/23/2019–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE #AdDiriyahEPrix 3
2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula 1 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
11/29/2019 12/1/2019 #F1 @f1 #Formula1 @ymcofficial #AbuDhabiGP 10
2019 Race of Malaysia World Touring Car Cup Malaysia Malaysia - Sepang
12/15/2019 12/15/2019 #WTCR @FIA_WTCR @SepangCircuit 26
2019 F1 Powerboat World Championship United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
12/21/2019 12/21/2019 #F1H2O @F1_H2O 32
2020 Dakar Rally Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
1/5/2020 1/17/2020 @dakar #Dakar2020 47
2020 Santiago ePrix Formula E Chile Chile - Santiago
1/18/2020 1/18/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 60
2020 Mexico City ePrix Formula E Mexico Mexico - Mexico City
2/15/2020 2/15/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 88
2020 Marrakesh ePrix Formula E Morocco Morocco - Marrakesh
2/29/2020 2/29/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 102
2020 Sanya ePrix Formula E China China - Sanya
3/21/2020 3/21/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 123
2020 Rome ePrix Formula E Italy Italy - Rome
4/4/2020 4/4/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 137
2020 Paris ePrix Formula E France France - Paris
4/18/2020 4/18/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 151
2020 Seoul ePrix Formula E South Korea South Korea - Seoul
5/3/2020 5/3/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 166
2020 Jakarta ePrix Formula E Indonesia Indonesia - Jakarta
6/6/2020 6/6/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 200
2020 24 Hours of Le Mans France France - Le Mans
6/13/2020 6/14/2020 @24hoursoflemans #LEMANS24 @24heuresdumans 207
2020 Berlin ePrix Formula E Germany Germany - Berlin
6/21/2020 6/21/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 215
2020 New York City ePrix Formula E United States United States - New York
7/11/2020 7/11/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 235
2020 London ePrix Formula E United Kingdom United Kingdom - London
7/25/2020 7/26/2020–20_Formula_E_season #FormulaE @FIAformulaE 249